gb-designwerks is a small instructional design studio that was founded by Jim Groves and Dave Blum and is based in Baltimore, Maryland. We build user interfaces with an emphasis on function, aesthetics, and usability. Our website designs focus on clear and concise organization of information and allow the user to effortlessly maneuver through the site as they desire. We offer services in graphic design, information architecture, and front/back end development based on your needs.
Jim Groves has 15+ years experience building high-quality web sites. His philosophy focuses on usability and appropriate application of internet technologies, resulting in sites that are easy to navigate and fast-loading. He has handled every component of Web site development, from hosting infrastructure to database design.
Dave Blum has over 10 years of experience with web and print design, illustration, and 3D modeling and animation. He enjoys designing lucid, yet simple information architectures with a bias towards end-user function. The design, color structure, and site layout should allow for a fluid user experience.
Deliverables: Expertise: Technologies
Site maps Front end architecture ASP.NET
Page flow diagrams Information architecture XHTML 1.0
Wireframes Web standards HTML 5
Design comps Usability CSS3
HTML/CSS templates Accessibility JQuery
Web-based style guides Browser compatibility AJAX / Hijax
Rich interfaces Progressive enhancement JavaScript
Complete websites Content management  
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Design+Front End Development
HTML \ CSS \ Javascript templates
Front End Development
HTML \ CSS \ Javascript templates
Design+Front End Development
HTML \ CSS \ Javascript templates